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UGANDA HUMAnitarian, EVANGELISM, discipleship PROJeCT

Uganda, Africa


Uganda has endured some of the worst atrocities over the past 30 years, creating a human crisis beyond measure. Many churches and Christian Organizations have been working to help orphans, single moms, hunger needs, AIDS patients, and other desperate human needs to share the love of Christ. Caring for orphan kids and educating them using God’s word and love to meet their physical and emotional needs. They are the next generation of believers that will carry the gospel to their own people, if we will be obedient to take it to them and share it with them.

Project Description: To work with one of our very own members that grew up at CBC, as a child, teenager and now an adult called to minister to the little ones that have been abandoned by their parents and families. Volunteers have given Mama Kits, which is a bundle of sterile items that they would carry with them to the clinic or a mid-wife to have their baby, from bedding, towels, soap and other necessary items. While doing this and sharing the simple gospel story we have seen 600 individuals pray to receive Christ and over 125 baptism this last year. The response is amazing! The teams will serve by giving Mama Kits, visit orphanages, schools through Bible Study, VBS, Games, Construction, etc. as requested by the team on the field with the intent to be able to share the gospel. The Ugandan seminary trained pastors will follow up and disciple those that make decisions for Christ in our absence.

Price: $3,700 Includes airfare, housing, meals and transportation per person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets. Application plus $370 non-refundable deposit required before team airline reservations can be made. Apply online or at the Mission Kiosk at each campus.



Student Ministry/ Evangelism Project

koro, west africa 

July 23 - August 2, 2020

Vision:  To impact young Koro students of all ages with the gospel through drama, testimonies, and recreation in “Trumann”, a key Koro village.

Overview:  God has used four teams in a row to see several young people come to Jesus in a Muslim environment. These young people are praying an hour each day with one of their professors to see their campus come to Jesus. The team will be well trained, but the team also needs to be creative. Taking strategic Bible Stories and acting them out brings great insight to Africans. Creating a bond through sports is an awesome venue, especially if the team learns to play soccer. They would love to challenge you and win! Also, telling stories and building creative activities around the stories helps make sure they remember them. Pastor “Elijah” senses that now is the time to see many young people come to Jesus. You may have some late-night sessions, as some will want to linger and visit with you. This is going to be good!!!

CBC met the Koro for the first time on a vision trip in the Northern Ivory Coast in 1998.The team was impressed with the friendliness and openness of the people to receive strangers whom they suspected to be Christian. The Koro are 99.9% Muslim and have been since about the 15thcentury. CBC had numerous contacts through 2002, until civil war broke out in the Ivory Coast. In 2007, a team traveled back into the country with the former missionaries, and they were welcomed. As a result, relationships were re-established, and now we have two Koro and several Biole and Senufo churches in that area.

Price:  $3,500 

Application:  Mission Application with a $350 non-refundable deposit. Applications available online at Price includes all land, air travel, visa, in country food & housing. Does not include inoculations and personal expenses.