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Pre-K Pre-Registration

Summer Sunday Preschool Registration

Beginning June 7 at 9:30am or 11am, the nursery will be open and we will be offering preschool classes with WEE WORSHIP.

Parents have the option to drop off their children, OR they can worship with children in their venue OR children can worship with parents in their venue – all staying in the same hour!

Please use the link below to pre-register your preschooler for one of our Sunday services throughout summer. 

click here to pre-register

Children will be limited to 8 per room with 2 helpers in order to keep no more than 10 in a small area. This is to control the number of children in our area to keep numbers in classes low and allow us to keep their safety and well-being our priority. Every child and helper will undergo a health screening and have their temperature taken before they are allowed entrance. No one will be allowed to stay in our area if they have a temperature above 100.0 or answer yes to any of the following questions: 
o Does the child live with, or have had close contact with someone who has suspected or positive COVID-19 results? 
o Has the child shown any of the following symptoms? 
o New onset cough 
o Congestion 
o Shortness of breath
o Fever

When you arrive at our entrance your child will undergo a health screening. Once you have cleared the health screening, we will have volunteers check your child in using our check in system and then allow you to drop your child in the assigned classroom. Be aware, this may be a different classroom than they are normally assigned. This is to, not only, keep class sizes low, but to ideally not use a classroom more than once in a day to aid in disinfecting the area. Regardless of the number of times in a day we have children in a room, all rooms and toys will be disinfected before anyone is allowed to reenter the space. 

We ask that just one parent or guardian bring the child in to our area, and that same parent or guardian be the one who, at the end of service, picks them up. 

For our younger children that require diaper bags and extra supplies, we ask that you keep these items to a minimum and put in a ziploc bag with their name, since you will only be here one hour. Please leave car seats, strollers, and large diaper bags in your vehicle. One or two diapers, a pacifier, and possibly a cup should be all that you need to bring into our area. Please make sure these items are labeled with their name. We have everything else we need to care for your little ones! 

Again, we are so looking forward to coming together as a church again and hope you will grant us the privilege of ministering to your little ones. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached via email or leave me a message on my work phone and I will return your call as soon as possible, 870-897-0410.