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Bible Study

Begins January 8 at 6:15pm in the Special Events Room 

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We Over Me by Whitney Capps.

It’s easy to get frustrated with the local church—we see the people in the pews up close, both their beauty and blemishes. But God has a purpose and a plan that He uniquely accomplishes in and through the church, and He wants you to be part of it. In the opening 3 chapters of Revelation, we find a wake-up call directed toward 7 churches and discover the truth of God’s desire for the church.

Over 9 sessions, challenge your perspective and embrace your part in helping the church fulfill its calling. 
Join us on Wednesday evenings, join our online group, or host a group of your own. For questions or information contact Heather at

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How/where do I sign up for the study?

+ Where does the study take place?

  • If you are hosting a study with friends, you will choose the time and place.

  • If you are doing the online option, you will be a part of a private Facebook group.

+ If I am a host, will there be people added to my group that I do not know?

  • No. Host will coordinate all arrangements within your circle of influence.

+ As a host, what are my responsibilities?

  • You will gather / coordinate a group of 2-5 family members, friends, or co-workers to work through this study this summer.

  • You will be sent leader resources to help you facilitate discussion.

  • This is a video-driven study so there will not be any teaching required of you.

  • You are studying God’s Word each day and gathering with your friends to encourage each other, hold each other accountable, and discuss what God has been teaching you.

+ How many people will be in each group?

  • If you are a hosting a group of friends, you will determine it. It can be two people up to fifty. 

    • We suggest a small group of 3-5.

+ Will there be a group meeting at CBC?

  • Yes. There is a small group meeting at Central on Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm in room #1348.

+ Is childcare available?

  • Childcare options are not available at this time. We hope to change this in the future.

+ What if I don’t want to host and want to be a part of a group? Will there be a group meeting at Central Baptist?

  • Yes. We will have a small group meeting on campus at Central Baptist.

    • Please email Heather for more information on the small group at Central.

+ Is there a cost?

  • There is no cost to be a part other of this study than the cost of the book. The cost of the book is $15.

+ What do I need for the study?

+ Are there videos that go along with the study?

  • Yes. When you sign up to be a part of this study, videos will be emailed to you weekly.

+ How do I access the videos after study has concluded?

  • Videos will not be available after the study has concluded.

+ Do I need to start reading before the study start date?

  • No. You do not need to read before the study starts.

  • You will follow the daily study each week once your group starts.

Online Community Options

+ Do I need to have Facebook to participate in the study?

  • Yes, you will be connected through a Facebook Community Group.

+ What is the Facebook Community Group?

  • The Facebook Community Group is open to anyone who is studying with us. It’s a large “small” group. This group is led by Sarah Heringer.

  •  Here you’ll get community, encouragement and accountability.  

  • After the study ends, this group is shut down.


+ Where can I purchase my book?

+ What if I have a question that wasn’t answered above?

  • Please email Heather at with any questions.