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Uganda, Africa

September 2018

(Specific Dates Coming Soon)

Vision: The team will use Mama Kits, food, animal husbandry, and BGR Buckets for Aids patients to share Christ and encourage church planting.

Project Description: Uganda has endured some of the worst atrocities over the past 30 years that has created a human crisis beyond measure. Many churches and Christian Organizations have been working to help orphans, single moms, hunger, aids patients, and other desperate human needs to share the love of Christ. 

Along with representatives of the International Mission Board, Central has made several trips into Uganda with amazing results by meeting some of the human needs and sharing Christ. Volunteers have given Mama Kits, which is a bundle of sterile items that they would carry with them to the clinic or a mid-wife to have their baby, from bedding, towels, soap, and other necessary items.  While doing this they share the simple gospel in story form. They saw over 300 baptisms with 1,970 individuals making the decision to follow Jesus last year. The response to Christ is amazing!

The team will give Mama Kits, visit orphanages, schools, give animals, food and BGR buckets to share Christ to the people working with Ugandan Pastors that have been trained in the Baptist Seminary of Uganda.  These men will follow up on those that make decisions for Christ.

Team Size: 10-15

Team Leader: Dr. John Huff

Price: $2,800 (Fuel surcharge may be applicable) Apply on line or at the Mission Kiosk at each campus. Include a $300.00 deposit that is non-refundable with the application.



Uganda Women’s Team - Uganda, Africa

july 14 - 24, 2018

Vision: The main objective of this trip is to invest in the lives of women of various ages & stages of life in Tororo, Uganda. We will primarily be doing this by putting on workshops & hosting seminars or conferences designed to educate the ladies on subjects that they have expressed a great interest in learning more about. We will also be doing a little work with a private school in the area, mostly working with the children or grandchildren of the ladies we will be working with. Remember expertise & experience on the mission field is definitely NOT required as long as you are prepared to give what you can & let God use what talents & gifts he gave you. 


Ladies who are willing & able to serve, teach, assist, & lead, with a spirit of humility, compassion, & selflessness. 

Women who intend on serving & being helpful in ways that point directly to God, not in ways that draw attention to herself. The woman who has let God purify the motives of her heart before serving is so valuable on a mission trip!

Women who will be respectful & thoughtful of the missionaries we will be partnering with, the African women we will be working with, & Ugandan culture. 

Ladies who are prepared to overcome their fears, be flexible, get out of their comfort-zone & do hard things with a grateful & sweet spirit. 



Teaching/Leading Seminars or Workshops on: 

- Female Health & Hygiene 

- Children’s Health & Hygiene

- Nutrition 

- Parenting / Childcare 

-Single Parenting

-Handling Hardships & Grief 

- Marriage 

- School Teaching

Teaching Devotionals / Bible Studies / Church Services

Nursing / Medical Aid

Assisting Teachers in a Classroom


  • Hosting a Children’s Sports Day
  • Teacher Assistance in School
  • Putting on a VBS




Family outreach project - northeast poland

JULY 6 - 15, 2018

Vision: Families, even those with smaller children, couples without children and singles are invited to go to Poland and participate in a camp where you will role model family life in Christ to Polish families who are at the camp with you.

Overview: Each year we have a family camp where we invite 4 to 8 Polish families to join us for a week at a small resort in the forest. Some families are close to making decisions for Christ or who have recently made decisions for Christ. The goal of the camp to provide the families with opportunities to hear about how Christ has changed lives. A team of 8 to 12 people is needed to host the camp. The team should have at least one family with a dad and mother, with children along with couples, university students, and singles. The Poles attending will be divided into three groups: adults, teenagers, and children. The team will provide daily lessons in how to live: topics like finance or the 5 Love Languages to the adults, and Bible lessons for teenagers and children. There will be family games and crafts and plenty of free time to talk and fellowship with the families. The camp is in a beautiful, green, lush, wooded area. Each family will stay in a small wooden cabin with two rooms and a bathroom. All meals will be Polish and eaten together in a dining hall. All activities will be outside. This camp is the most important event of the year for the resident missionaries. 

Some of these families come with a great burden on their hearts wanting to see God work in their lives.  Some come with just a curiosity, so you have the opportunity to see God use you to open the doors of their lives.

Price: $2,700 Includes in-country food, airfare, housing, and transportation per

person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets. Does not include meals en route to and from the field of service in airports and to and from airports.

Application plus 10% deposit required before team airline reservations can be made. 



The Fireman Project II - northeast poland

September 17-24, 2018

Need:  An exciting opportunity for 4-6 Firemen (Male and Female) that will go to Poland and help Pastor Marcin build relationships with Firemen in several key cities in N. E. Poland

Vision: One of our key strategies for making new disciples and planting new churches is getting to know people and developing relationships with them.  Our Polish partner, Marcin Chrzaszcz, works with the same strategy.  He realized he needed a method or platform to meet more men.  Marcin is a pastor and a beekeeper, but he wanted to form relationships with more men, so Marcin became a volunteer fireman.  He went through the training and was certified as a fireman in his city.  He now serves the city as a volunteer fireman, and is getting know all of the other men and women who are firemen in the area.  He is doing this to develop relationships with them and share the gospel with them.  He would like some help with this task.  

We are looking for 4 (+\-) firemen or women who can come to Poland in the fall of 2018 to help make relationships with other firemen.  People for this trip need to be trained fire personal, either full or part time, paid or unpaid, or retired.  People on this trip will meet with Polish firemen, drink coffee or tea with them, talk to them, swap stories, and share your testimonies with them.  We will visit fire departments in a few different cities and pray for firemen in those cities.  There may be some training that is conducted, but that is secondary to developing relationships with them, and if training is done, you will pick the topics.  So if you are a fireman, can drink coffee or tea, and tell stories, please come to Poland to further the cause of Christ.  

Price: $2,500 Includes in-country food, airfare, housing, and transportation per

person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets. Does not include meals en route to and from the field of service in airports and to and from airports.

Application plus 10% deposit required before team airline reservations can be made. 




guatemala village ministry project

May 19 - 26, 2018

Vision: Team will return to Pachalun, an Achi Village, to do door-to-door evangelism, activities with the kids, and evangelism services in the evening.

Overview: Mateo (Matthew), who is the pastor of the Central Baptist Church of Salama and the Strategy Coordinator for this area, is continuing to disciple the new believers from the previous trip. Much spiritual growth has occurred in the study groups that have been formed. This team will help see many more come to Christ and new groups formed. The general venue is to work within the culture of these villages by working after lunch through the late evening to match the work schedules of the farmers and workers.The schedule will look something like this:

Mornings breakfast and rest of morning free for preparation

Sunday – worship with a church.

Monday - Thursday visitation work in the villages from around 1:00 p.m.

Friday leave early for Guatemala City and go to Antigua for shopping.

Price:$1,800 per person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets. Does not include meals en route to and from the field of service in airports and to and from airports.

Application plus 10% deposit required before team airline reservations can be made. 

Team Leader: Don Blackmore

click here to sign up



Koro, West Africa - Student Ministry/ Evangelism Project

July 11-20, 2018

Vision: To impact young Koro adults with the gospel through drama, testimonies, and recreation in “Trumann”, a key Koro village.

Overview: God used three teams in a row to see around several young people come to Jesus in a Muslim environment.  These young people are praying an hour each day with one of their professors to see their campus come to Jesus. The team will be well trained but the team also needs to be creative. Taking strategic Bible Stories and acting them out brings great insight to Africans. Creating a bond through sports is an awesome venue, especially if the team learns enough about soccer.  They would love to beat you. Also, telling stories and building creative activities around the stories helps make sure they remember them. Pastor “Elijah” senses that now is the time to see many young people come to Jesus. You may have some late-night sessions, as some will want to linger and visit with you.  This is going to be good!!!

CBC met the Koro for the first time on a vision trip in the Northern Ivory Coast in 1998.The team was impressed with the friendliness and openness of the people to receive strangers whom they suspected to be Christian.  The Koro are 99.9% Muslim and have been since about the 15th century.  CBC had numerous contacts through 2002, until civil war broke out in the Ivory Coast. In 2007, a team traveled back into the country with the former missionaries, and they were welcomed. As a result, relationships were re-established, and now we have 2 Koro and several Biole and Senufo churches in that area.

Price: $3,300

Application: Mission Application with a $350 non-refundable deposit. Applications available online at Price includes all land, air travel, visa, in country food & housing. Does not include inoculations and personal expenses.




Koro, West Africa - Medical Team Project

July 19 – July 29, 2018

Mission: To show the manifest love of Jesus through an act of kindness medically and through basic dental procedures and pharmaceutical needs, while sharing the stories of Jesus and engaging Unreached Peoples in the Ivory Coast.

Overview: CBC has ministered with medical teams in the past to create a door to share the gospel with our adopted people group (Koro) on several occasions. This year we are combining 3 other teams to impact this are with the hands and feet of Jesus through the largest medical team we have ever formed. This will be a first where we have multiple teams on the field in the same area at one time.

On this project, we will join up with interns that have been in the country for 7 weeks along with the student team that has been in the country for 1 week and begin a 4 day clinic ministering with doctors through medical, dentistry, pharmaceutical and possibly some vision.

We will need 2 medical doctors, 2 dentists, 2 assistants, 2 nurses,1-2 pharmacists that have a deep desire to help minister healing to the Koro people in two village areas: Bay and Truman.

Costs: $3,500. *Price includes lodging, meals on site, travel insurance, airfare, and transportation. Does not include passport, visa, meals in route to and from the field of service, in airports, and to and from airport. 




AUGUST 3 - 11