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The Fireman Project - northeast poland

September 12-20

Need:  An exciting opportunity for 4-6 Firemen (Male and Female) that will go to Poland and help Pastor Marcin build relationships with firemen in several key cities in Northeast Poland.

Vision: One of our key strategies for making new disciples and planting new churches is getting to know people and developing relationships with them.  Our Polish partner, Marcin Chrzaszcz, works with the same strategy.  He realized he needed a method or platform to meet more men.  Marcin is a pastor and a beekeeper, but he wanted to form relationships with more men, so Marcin became a volunteer fireman.  He went through the training and was certified as a fireman in his city.  He now serves the city as a volunteer fireman, and is getting know all of the other men and women who are firemen in the area.  He is doing this to develop relationships with them and share the gospel with them.  He would like some help with this task.  

We are looking for 4 (+\-) firemen or women who can come to Poland in the fall of 2017 to help make relationships with other firemen.  People for this trip need to be trained fire personnel, either full or part-time, paid or unpaid, or retired.  People on this trip will meet with Polish firemen, drink coffee or tea with them, talk to them, swap stories, and share your testimonies with them.  We will visit fire departments in a few different cities and pray for firemen in those cities.  There may be some training that is conducted, but that is secondary to developing relationships with them, and if training is done, you will pick the topics.  So if you are a fireman, can drink coffee or tea, and tell stories, please come to Poland to further the cause of Christ.  

Price: $2,700 Includes in-country food, airfare, housing, and transportation per person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets. Does not include meals en route to and from the field of service in airports and to and from airports.

Application plus 10% deposit required before team airline reservations can be made. 

Click here to apply.