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Serving the United States

new orleans global maritime ministries

october 27 - 30

Vision:  This team will interact with seafarers and do personal evangelism and discipleship, leading in worship services and discipleship groups of crew from cargo and cruise ships.

Description: A long-term successful ministry to International Cruise & Cargo Staff has been developed through Global Maritime Ministries under the direction of Philip Vandercook.  Our own Leonard & Ann Davis are CBC missionaries working with Philip in the New Orleans Unit. They work diligently to build relationships in the port and on the cruise and cargo ships. Just about every day the crews of the ships get off at the port to do shopping and take a break.  Global Maritime (GM) provides transportation with their bus to take them to Wal-Mart and to the GM center where they can use the phones, computers, etc., to contact their families around the world.  The staff includes many different ethnic groups from around the world so the possibilities are tremendous in reaching people. The GM center has Bibles, Christian literature, phone cards, computers, and kitchen facilities with table game area, a chapel and lounge.

They need groups to build relationships as they interact with seafarers to do personal evangelism and discipleship.  You will also have the opportunity to lead worship services and Bible studies with crew from cargo and cruise ships. You will be housed on site at the GM center.

Team Size: 8

Price: $ 100 per person plus meals. Personal car used for travel on this mission trip. Application plus 10% deposit required before reservations can be made. 

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seattle, wa - christmas outreach team - journey campus

December 7-13

Vision: To help the Landing Church minister to needy English-speaking families in Seattle, WA, through meeting human needs and hosting a Christmas party and accomplishing servant evangelism in the city.

Project Description: On Friday, the team will help run errands, make purchases, wrap packages, and get ready for the events. We will help at the banquets to greet, serve food, hand out packages, and simply be servants.  On Saturday, the team will do servant evangelism in the city helping locate people that we can talk to about Christ or invite to church services.  On Sunday, the team will help set up The Landing Church in the Senior Adult Center, worship, help serve in church by greeting, working in the parking lot, or help with children.  Then after church, take the church down and put it back in the box! Monday, you will engage the Seattle central area by doing the same thing as you meet downtowners and the homeless. Invite them to the Bible study that night and we will watch “The S.A.L.T” church in Pikes Place Market. Andy Brown and the Landing Church volunteers have seen over 40 professions of faith in the last 9 months.

Team Size: 10

Price: $1,100 per person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets.

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