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new orleans global maritime ministries

July 19-22, 2019

September 13-16, 2019

Vision: This team will interact with seafarers and do personal evangelism and discipleship, leading in worship services and discipleship groups of crew from cargo and cruise ships.

Description: A long-term successful ministry to International Cruise & Cargo Staff has been developed through Global Maritime Ministries under the direction of Philip Vandercook. Our own Leonard & Ann Davis are CBC missionaries working with Philip in the New Orleans Unit. They work diligently to build relationships in the port and on the cruise and cargo ships. Just about every day the crews of the ships get off at the port to do shopping and take a break. Global Maritime (GM) provides transportation with their bus to take them to Wal-Mart and to the GM center where they can use the phones, computers, etc. to contact their families around the world. The staff includes many different ethnic groups from around the world so the possibilities are tremendous in reaching people. The GM center has Bibles, Christian literature, phone cards, computers, and kitchen facilities with table game area, a chapel and lounge.

They need groups to build relationships by interacting with seafarers. You may have the opportunity to do personal evangelism and discipleship. You could possibly lead worship services, Bible studies with crew from cargo and cruise ships, bake desserts, help deliver/sort the seafarer’s packages, prayer walk, or clean up the center after serving that day. You will be housed on site at the GM center.

Team Size: 8

Price: $100 per person plus meals. Personal car used for travel on this mission trip. Application plus 10% deposit required before reservations can be made.  

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Spokane, Wa

AUGUST 1 - 8, 2019

SEPTEMBER 12 - 17, 2019

Vision: The team will help The Rock Church with evangelism, prayer walking, and building upkeep/updating. The team will also focus on meeting some health needs of the people in the area through Dental, Medical and Administrative needs. The team will only be assisting in the medical aspect of this outreach not practicing in any manner.

Overview: Zac and Nichole Minton felt led of the Lord to go to Spokane, Washington and start a new church, in a metropolitan area of over 650,000 people, where few evangelicals are reaching 18-40 year old’s. One pastor said, it is not that the people are hostile to the gospel; it is that they are just indifferent. This tells us if they hear the gospel in a way they can understand, they will respond to Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Visit to get a better view of the vision God has given the Minton’s.

Spring break for your Schools in our location is a great time to bring mission teams to Spokane. The team could help The Rock Church with evangelism, prayer walking, family carnivals, building upkeep/updating and getting ready for Easter. 

Team Size: 10-14

Price: $1,250 *Price includes rental cars, lodging, and travel insurance. Does not include meals.

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montana indian reservation - pow-wow project

July 23-30, 2019

Vision: To show the love of Christ to Indians at a Pow-wow through serving them by picking up trash, prayer walking, and serving them free coffee and water

Overview: Imagine seeing a tribe of Indians in full-decorated outfits, living in tents, in a 2-day dance competition in the rolling plains of Montana. You will get to put up your own authentic tent that will sleep 6, eat some fry bread, and enjoy living among Native Americans for a weekend. You will be warmly received as you serve them free coffee or water.  Lying on the counter will be an evangel cube. Their curiosity will open doors for you to explain what it is.  You can respond by simply saying, “Oh it’s a story of how Creator God loves you and wants a relationship with you.” You continue serving coffee and some will ask, “Well, I want to hear the story!” Every few hours you will rotate from serving coffee, to picking up trash, to prayer.

God has used Bruce Plummer to be an effective missionary that has brought the gospel to the Indian culture and have seen over 1,400 adults come to Christ in the last 12 years. Through service projects like picking up trash and serving free coffee and water to the participants at Pow-Wows it has opened the gospel to many. You get the opportunity to see God at work.

Price: $1,250 Price includes rental cars, lodging in hotel and at camps, meals at the camps, airfare, and travel insurance. Does not include meals en route to and from the field or at airport. Application and 10% deposit reserves your space! 

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Mission Outreach Project - Washington, D.C.

August 2019

Vision: To help build relationships with the local and college community through pray walking on the campuses and in the neighborhoods around the church for future outreach. The goal would be to help the church planter there canvas the college campuses and to do some community outreach to create interest in the church there that is non-threatening.

Overview:  Students? Multi-Gen? Adults? This is an opportunity to be on mission and is obviously very family friendly and in a predominantly young family neighborhood. Also, since we are targeting both college campuses there Georgetown and George Washington University that bookends neighborhood, it’s a natural fit for a college mission trip. Regardless, anyone is a good fit. We can meet many other needs: Pray Walks, VBS, Block Parties, etc.

Price: $1,200 Includes airfare, housing, and transportation per person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets, etc. Does not include meals en route to and from the field of service in airports and to and from airports.

Application plus 10% deposit required before team airline reservations can be made. 

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