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new orleans global maritime ministries

July 20-23, 2018

Vision:  This team will interact with seafarers and do personal evangelism and discipleship, leading in worship services and discipleship groups of crew from cargo and cruise ships.

Description: A long-term successful ministry to International Cruise & Cargo Staff has been developed through Global Maritime Ministries under the direction of Philip Vandercook.  Our own Leonard & Ann Davis are CBC missionaries working with Philip in the New Orleans Unit. They work diligently to build relationships in the port and on the cruise and cargo ships. Just about every day the crews of the ships get off at the port to do shopping and take a break.  Global Maritime (GM) provides transportation with their bus to take them to Wal-Mart and to the GM center where they can use the phones, computers, etc. to contact their families around the world.  The staff includes many different ethnic groups from around the world so the possibilities are tremendous in reaching people. The GM center has Bibles, Christian literature, phone cards, computers, and kitchen facilities with table game area, a chapel and lounge.

They need groups to build relationships by interacting with seafarers. You may have the opportunity to do personal evangelism and discipleship. You could possibly lead worship services, Bible studies with crew from cargo and cruise ships, bake desserts, help deliver/sort the seafarer’s packages, prayer walk, or clean up the center after serving that day. You will be housed on site at the GM center.

Team Size: 8

Price: $ 100 per person plus meals. Personal car used for travel on this mission trip. Application plus 10% deposit required before reservations can be made. 

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brooklyn, ny - Park slope community church 

Loving Our Neighbors & Loving God

September 7-11, 2018

Vision: This team will engage with children and their parents in our neighborhood by serving in areas of ministry with in PSCC or by serving in the Coffee Shop Ministry to share the love of Christ.

Overview: The church first started in 1860's as Dutch Reformed, became an SBC church in the late 1960's. The congregation peaked at around 40-50 people in the early 2000's. Numbers aren't everything; however, we have been able to enjoy watching the Lord grow our little congregation over the past few months from 9 people to averaging in 50-60 each Sunday and 60-70 in some type of discipleship each week. As a part of NAMB's Replant program, our team, led by Sterling Edwards, has been excited to see the response that simply "loving our neighbors and loving God" has created. We are becoming a haven for questions our neighbors have about faith. We could sit down with atheists, agnostics, even Hindus and share Jesus with them. It's so encouraging to see the Lord drawing our neighbors to Himself.

Park Slope is a very affluent, low crime neighborhood. It has been listed as one of the top 5 most desirable neighborhoods in NYC. Spiritually, there is a darkness that is apathetic to religion of any sort. Nearly half of our neighbors would consider themselves not affiliated with ANY religion. With 120,000 people within 1 mile of the church, we are employing ways of demonstrating the Gospel to many who have no prior knowledge or experience of Christianity. Team members who come to serve with us will be involved in various outreach opportunities that "show" the Gospel to our neighbors

Logistics: Travel to NYC is by air to LaGuardia, then by bus and subway. You can walk up to 3 miles a day so be in shape. Food will be in fast food places as other restaurants can be prohibitive. All inner-city travel will be on foot or by subway.

Team Size: 4-6 people

Price: $1,300 Includes airline, on the field housing at the church, on the field land travel, and travel insurance. Does not include meals. Application plus 10% deposit required before team airline reservations can be made.


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Alaska - Summer Mission Outreach

July 7-14, 2018

Vision: Mission is to Join True North Church in their second year of church planting in the fastest growing community in Alaska, the Mat-Su Valley, by neighborhood park parties, canvasing and intentional community outreach. This is one of the most diverse neighborhood in the U.S. where 94 languages are spoken in school, in Anchorage & Girdwood!

Overview: In 2010, the first SBC church was started in Anchorage. Since then they have become the third largest SBC church in Alaska and baptized 100 people. They have another campus in Girdwood, Alaska and Jason and Caroline Lankford are the planters. Thus, the True North Church Planting Network was born!  Alaska is the most un-churched state in the U.S.  with 104 villages that have no church. True North believes that the health of the church is not in its seating capacity, but in its sending capacity. 80% of the people in the state do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Project Description: Truce North provides local transportation, food, lodging, and teams are housed in a local church using air mattresses. You will have the opportunity to work in Girdwood, Anchorage, or the Mat-Su-Valley. 

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to see and enjoy the beauty of Alaska. We offer our teams 1 full day of sight-seeing as well as opportunities to ski or snowboard, view wildlife and be stunned by the beauty of God’s Creation. (Sight-seeing day expenses are the volunteer’s responsibility.)

Costs:  $1,800 (Cost may fluctuate due to fuel charges.) Includes airline, on the field housing, food, on the field land travel, and travel insurance.  Does not include meals in route to and from the field or personal purchases. Application plus 10% deposit required before team airline reservations can be made. 



Seattle - End of School Project

May 31-June 6, 2018

Vision: Continuing to reach people for Christ through exciting prayer walks looking for conversations leading to the gospel, helping with the end of school projects at Kenmore Elementary, outreach in city parks, and colleges, ending with outreach to the homeless in downtown Seattle!

Project Description: Team would arrive May 31 and have orientation for the project on June 1. You will have the awesome opportunity to see God at work as you ask God to do several things while prayer walking neighborhoods:

  • Teach you how to pray for the people.
  • Ask God to cause people to come out of their houses for you to talk to.
  • Ask God to show you how to move the conversation to the gospel.

You will be divided into teams to prayer walk in parks all over the city. Some team members will be helping with service project for the City of Kenmore like maintaining planters, possible painting, and other projects. Sunday you will help put up and take down “The Landing Church” and do free touristic stuff that afternoon. Monday you will engage Seattle central area by doing the same thing as you meet downtowners and homeless. Andy Brown and the Landing Church volunteers have seen several professions of faith through this ministry area. Hey, exciting stuff is happening!

Team Size: 10

Team Leader: Pastor Jarred Elliot

Price: $1,200 per person but the price may fluctuate depending on the price of fuel at the time of purchase of airline tickets. 

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Spokane, WA - Family Carnival Project

June 14-18, July 19-23, & September 13-17, 2018

Mission: In this northern suburb of Spokane, the team will blitz the community with information of upcoming Carnival while prayer walking, help prepare the carnival, and serve during the event, in prep for a pre- launch service leading to a September launch of the church.

Background: A good many of the SBC churches planted in Spokane that were planted in the 60’s but retained the southern culture and made little to no connection to the Washingtonians. Now these churches are dying off leaving paid off buildings.  This has given meeting places to the Pinnacle Church, the Rock, and now the Pinnacle network is launching Nine Mile Falls Church Plant in this northern suburb of Spokane called Nine Mile Falls. 

Nine Mile Falls will launch in 2017 and this team will help raise the excitement in the community of the upcoming church involvement in the community. The team will help blitz the community of the upcoming carnival and services through door hangers and personal contact. The team will help prepare the carnival, man the booths, and take it down. The team will assist in set up and participate in the church service. Monday will be used for follow-up from the Sunday Services.

Logistics: Cost is $1,200 per person including airfare, rental car, food, and lodging. If the team is less than 10 you will be hosted in homes.  If larger some will stay on air mattresses in the Rock Church. Meals will be fast food in local restaurants and transportation will be rental vehicles.

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montana indian reservation - pow-wow project

July 25-31, 2018

Vision: To show the love of Christ to Indians at a Pow-wow through serving them by picking up trash, prayer walking, and serving them free coffee and water

Overview: Imagine seeing a tribe of Indians in full-decorated outfits, living in tents, in a 2-day dance competition in the rolling plains of Montana. You will get to put up your own authentic tent that will sleep 6, eat some fry bread, and enjoy living among Native Americans for a weekend. You will be warmly received as you serve them free coffee or water.  Lying on the counter will be an evangel cube. Their curiosity will open doors for you to explain what it is.  You can respond by simply saying, “Oh it’s a story of how Creator God loves you and wants a relationship with you.” You continue serving coffee and some will ask, “Well, I want to hear the story!” Every few hours you will rotate from serving coffee, to picking up trash, to prayer.

God has used Bruce Plummer to be an effective missionary that has brought the gospel to the Indian culture and have seen over 1,400 adults come to Christ in the last 11 years. Through service projects like picking up trash and serving free coffee and water to the participants at Pow-Wows it has opened the gospel to many. You get the opportunity to see God at work.

Price: $1,300 Price includes rental cars, lodging in hotel and at camps, meals at the camps, airfare, and travel insurance. Does not include meals en route to and from the field or at airport. Application and $100 deposit reserves your space!

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Montana indian reservation - contruction project

june 9-16, 2018


Vision: To begin or do construction type maintenance at the campground that will be used by mission volunteers, children at summer camp, and adults in worship, discipleship, and conferences.

Overview: The setting of this campground is awesome with the mountains surrounding this pastoral scene with horses in the corral and multi-colored cabins encircling the campground. The camp now has 12 cabins of simple construction and painted the colors of the 12 foundation stones of the New Jerusalem described in Revelations 21. Right in the center a multi-purposed building is being planned for worship, discipleship, and seminars.In this spot, many groups (churches) will be formed. A lot of kids get saved and adult lives are changed in this quiet place to get alone with God. So, if you can hold a board, saw, hammer, paint, or encourage the others, you are qualified for this trip

God has used Bruce Plummer and his wife to be effective missionaries, in bringing the gospel to the Indian culture and have seen over 1,400 adults come to Christ in the last 11 years.

Price: $1,100. Price includes rental cars, lodging at camp, meals at the camps, airfare, and travel insurance. Does not include meals en route to and from the field. Flights will be purchased after the organizational meeting and added to the in-city costs.

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747 college mission project - denver, co

MAY 26 - JUNE 1

For more information contact Pastor Blake Ligon at


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