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Faith Commitment Offering



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we sense god wants us to do this in 2019

Making Him Known: We are a missional church and each year we celebrate what God has done through Central Baptist, look forward to what he will do in 2019, and commit to seeing His plan through. This is a time of celebration of what the Faith Commitment Offering has assisted the church planters to do locally, nationally, and internationally.

Central steps out on faith every day with each of your commitments that God has placed on your hearts to help share The Good News to others who would normally never hear His message.

Let’s continue our legacy of Making Him Known, by recommitting to Pray, Give, and Go in 2019! You will have the opportunity to do this on October 7 - 14 in each of the services. Canadian church planter, David Pothier will kick things off on Sunday October 7 in all services, showing you the lostness of Canada, and how we can help bring the Gospel to those in that region. You will not want to miss it!

This year we are asking for a commitment from you to help us reach our $466,800 missions budget for 2019.

We sense God wants us to accomplish these things in 2019.

In Jonesboro, we can do outreach in our city by adopting certain areas in Life groups through block parties and other activities and we will present a strong witness to ASU students, internationals, and High School students.


In Arkansas, we can support work in the McPherson prison, the Butterfly House in Manila, and
the Cornerstone in Newport.

We continue to look ofr opportunities to plant churches  in Arkansas.


In the United States, we can plant churches in Alaska (Lankfords) Spokane (Mintons), Seattle
(Easley), Montana, (Plummers), Denver (Phillips) NYC (Johnsons), and Global Maritime Ministries,
New Orleans (Davises & Vandercooks), and Washington, D.C. (Waterworth’s).


In the World, we can plant churches among 44 people groups in Uganda, Ivory Coast, Middle East, Brazil,
and Guatemala, Poland, Canada, volunteer team scholarships, and help missionaries.



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