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Current Sermon Series


Who among us hasn’t struggled with obedience, with frustration at how God rules this world, including a sense that, if we were God, we would do things differently?  What book in the Bible paints a picture more real than the actions of Jonah?  We see a heathen city that has done cruel things to the people of God and a reluctant prophet who seeks God’s justice but not God’s mercy.

We see the sovereignty of God and His forgiveness in light of true repentance. Oh yeah, and that same prophet lived inside a really big fish for three days, too.

Join us Sundays beginning March 12, as we study the book of Jonah and come away amazed at the relentless pursuit and grace of God in our sermon series, Big Fish Big God.


Central Campus - 8, 9:30, 11am 

Journey Campus - 9:00 & 11am

Refuge Campus - 9:30 & 11am

Newport Campus – 11am