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About us

our vision

Our vision is to be ONE Church in multiple locations filled with people who passionately love God and passionately evangelize others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach people the church has not yet reached and lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ; or simply, “Go and make Disciples!”

Our Strategy

We believe God is leading us to fulfill the vision and mission of Central by establishing multi-site campuses and church plants throughout surrounding communities in Arkansas and the Delta. We believe multi-site campuses and church plants are the most efficient way to make mature disciples. We believe this is the model of evangelism taught in the New Testament.  

our values


Evangelism is sharing the good news with others. The heart of the Great Commission is evangelism or missions. These are not different but the same. Jesus Christ commanded His followers to go and make disciples of all nations. Obedience to this command requires intentional and personal involvement of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people who do not know Him personally. We seek to introduce people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with our church. We ask all members to share their God Story with others and invite the unchurched to attend Central. We believe the greatest need of our community is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We are social beings who need fellowship with God and with other believers. Other believers will encourage and challenge us to live for Christ and hold us accountable. We seek to introduce people to Christ and connect them to the Central Church Family. We encourage active membership in the Central Church Family.


Our greatest privilege is to worship God. The worship of God is our ultimate priority. In essence, we believe that is the heart of the Great Commandment. Personal, private, and devotional worship is important. God also commands corporate and collective worship. We seek to lead believers in discovering authentic worship. We ask each member of Central to engage in corporate worship on a consistent basis.


Jesus invited people to follow Him. Discipleship is about being a follower of Jesus Christ. As we learn to follow Him, we will fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. A disciple is also a learner. We learn about Jesus Christ through studying God’s Word, the Bible and praying. God uses His God-called preachers and teachers to help us learn about Him and what His plans for us are all about. We seek to teach believers truth foundational to Christian living. We ask each member of Central to participate in a Life Group. 


God has created, saved, called, and gifted us for ministry.  Every believer is a minister and every minister is important. You are most effective and fulfilled in ministry when you use your spiritual gifts and abilities for the glory of the Lord. The greatest need in churches is the release of members for ministry. We seek to train believers in discovering their ministry gifts and equipping them to impact their world for Jesus Christ. We ask each member of Central to serve in one area of ministry.