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Global Impact Missions Conference

2018 global impact missions conference

OCTOBER 7, 10, 14

How can they believe in Him without hearing? How can they hear without preaching? How can they preach unless they are sent?

KISS: Keep It Simple Saints. Just obey and go... Where, at home, school, work, neighborhood, community, city, state, country, nation, world.

During our commitment Sunday October 14, 2018; you will be given an opportunity to obey God’s invitation to you to serve.

Reaching further together!


Central/Refuge Campus

Sunday October 7 - Canadian Church Planter Pastor David Pothier share our opening service message.

Wednesday October 10 - 6:15pm - Missions Emphasis Service

Sunday October 14 - Missions Comittment Sunday - Pastor Archie shares the message.

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WE sense God wants us to do this in 2019

In Jonesboro, we can do outreach in our city by adopting certain areas in Life groups through block parties and other activities and we will present a strong witness to ASU students, internationals, and High School students.


In Arkansas, we can support work in the McPherson prison, the Butter y house in Manila, and
the Cornerstone in Newport.

We continue to plant a church in Arkansas.


In the United States, we can plant churches in Alaska (Lankfords) Spokane (Mintons), Seattle
(Easley), Montana, (Plummers), Denver (Phillips) NYC (Johnsons), and Global Maritime Ministries,
New Orleans (Davises & Vandercooks), and Washington, D.C. (Waterworth’s).


In the World, we can plant churches among 44 people groups in Uganda, Ivory Coast, Middle East, Brazil,
and Guatemala, Poland, Canada, volunteer team scholarships, and help missionaries.


Total: $466,800 - 2019 Faith Commitment Goal